3 Most Important Points in the Psychology of Selling

If you want to be successful at sales, you must know how your customers think and act.

Convenience and Exclusivity Rules the Day

Customers often decide emotionally, and justify their decisions with logic. That is why convenience and exclusivity appeals to customers’ emotion and are the top points that make people buy.

Convenience is the key of user experience. In the mobile commerce world, if your app takes more than a few seconds to load, users may simply close your app out of impatience.

Exclusivity motivates potential customers to fight for the special privilege. Taobao, an online shopping titan originated in China, took exclusivity to a new height when it launched a 30-min special offer, and sold more than 100,000 units in 10 minutes.


People do not Think Like Computers

Customers may not be rational in picking their best choice. We may see customers as “thinking like children”, who have short memory span and like to be coaxed. We will need to coax, please, and never fail our customers.


People are Naturally Suspicious

This is where most salespeople fail, especially for those from big companies. We see that customers choose to mainly trust even bigger name, even though (or especially when) their prices tend to be more expensive.

The solution is simple: win people’s trust by doing the right things for your customers, consistently.


(Modified from Andy Ng’s article, the Straits Times, 18 may 2017)


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